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Global cooperation for development (GCD) is a humanitarian non-governmental, non-profitable and an independent social welfare organization. It was established on September 2017 AD, with the objective to organize the program in education, health and social justice related achievements. We will provide opportunity for woman, children, youth and marginalized people by reintegrating them into the main stream of the society through providing them income generating tanning and education supporting program. GCD was registered under non-profitable organization registration subsection (1) of section 5 of the companies Act, 2006. The registration number is 174391/074/075 and its registered office in Lalitpur metropolitan city wada No. 25. It was affiliation to the social welfare council under section 13 of social welfare Act, 1992, Nepal with affiliation no. 52981. It has a successful history with its partner to achieve the gold of the project. We have good knowledge to coordination with INGO. As a enlisted non-profitable organization, GCD is upheld by terrific and donations from government of Nepal, foreigner, foundations, non-governmental organization, the private segments legislative, multilateral offices and individuals’ donor organization, to run organization work efficiently as well as self-dependently for participation.

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Regardless of ethnicity, religion, location, or time constraints, we envisage performing successful and long-term humanitarian development projects in conjunction with local beneficiaries.

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To give frequent and ongoing assistance to Nepal's most vulnerable citizens, including to those experiencing a humanitarian disaster and under the poverty line. We also publish research paper of our work in collaboration with our accomplice.

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To provide relief to victims of natural disasters, to assist in the alleviation of poverty through livelihood and skill development programs, to promote and advocate for equal and quality education, to ensure proper nutrition

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